2016 Movie Cast RecordingAcusaciones de abuso sexual contra Craig McLachlanAdelaida 1977
AnsalongAnsalong/GaleríaAnyhow, Anyhow
Australian Cast RecordingBaile del SapoBert Schnick
Bert Schnick/GaleríaBetty HapschattBitchin' In The Kitchen
Brad MajorsBrad Majors/GaleríaBreaking Out
Brisbane 1978Broadway 1975Broadway Revival 2000
Buenos Aires 2016Buenos Aires 2017CDMX 1976
CDMX 1986Canción de RockyCarte Blanche
Charles Atlas SongCharles Atlas Song (Reprise)Cielos Chelo
ColumbiaCosmo McKinleyDammit, Janet
Dammit, Janet/GaleríaDenton, U.S.A.Don't Dream It, Be It
Dr. ScottDuel DuetDulce Travestista
EddieEddie's TeddyEl Osito de Eddie
El Show de FrankieElencosEmily Weiss
Farley's SongFarley FlavorsFloor Manager
Frank-N-FurterGlee Cast RecordingHarry Weiss
Hot PatootieI'm Going HomeI'm a Mother
I Want to Get my Own BackIn My Own WayIrwin Lapsey
Janet WeissJanet Weiss/GaleríaJudith Brankmire
Judy Judy JudyKirkLa Acomodadora
Little Black DressLittle Old Heart Stopping MeLook What I Did To My Id
Looking For TradeLord De LordyLos Superhéroes
Love at First SightLullabyMacy Struthers
MagentaMary LouMe Of Me
Melbourne 1975Mexican Cast RecordingMovie Cast Recording
NarradorNation McKinleyNelly Pritt
Never Let Your Daughter Date an AlienNew Broadway Cast RecordingNo Hay Solución
No Hiding PlaceOliver WrightOnce In a While
Original London Cast RecordingOscar Drill and the BitsOver At the Frankenstein Place
Planet Schmanet, JanetPlantillasPuede Pasar
Punk Rock ShowRalph HapschattRay Ammbo
Revenge of the Old QueenRickyRiff Raff
Riff Raff/GaleríaRocky HorrorRocky Horror: The Second Coming
Rocky Horror Shows His HeelsRocky Horror WikiRose Tint My World
Roxy 1974Roxy Cast RecordingScience Fiction / Double Feature
Science Fiction / Double Feature (Reprise)Shock TreatmentShock Treatment: The Musical
Shock Treatment (Original Soundtrack)Shock Treatment (canción)Short End of the Stick
Sonny AmmboSteve MajorsSuperheroes
Sweet TransvestiteSweet on the StreetSword of Damocles
Sídney 1974Sídney 1984Sídney 1998
Sídney 2008Thank God I'm a ManThe Brad and Janet Show
The Denton AffairThe Floor ShowThe Moon Drenched Shores Of Transylvania
The Old QueenThe Rocky Horror Picture ShowThe Rocky Horror Picture Show/Galería
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (2016)The Rocky Horror ShowThe Rocky Horror Show Live
The Whole Gory StoryTime WarpToca, Toca, Toca, Toca
Toowoomba 1979Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch MeTour Australia 1981
Tour Australia 1984Tour Australia 1987Tour Australia 1992
Tour Australia 1996Tour Australia 2014Tour Australia 2018
Tour Reino Unido 1979Tour Reino Unido 2006Tour Reino Unido 2009
Tour Reino Unido 2013Tour Reino Unido 2016Tour guiado de FANDOM - Rocky Horror
TransilvanosTransilvanos/GaleríaUn Relato (Reprise)
Un Relato Bien Extraño y Muy PasadoVance ParkerVeo Una Luz
West End Revival 1990Wild and Untamed Thing¿Qué le ha Pasado al Sábado?