"In My Own Way" es una canción de las producciones teatrales y cinematográficas de Shock Treatment desde 1981 hasta la fecha. La música y letra fueron compuestas por Richard O'Brien originalmente para The Brad and Janet Show, una producción fallida; ademas cuenta con arreglos musicales de Richard Hartley.

Letra (Shock Treatment)

Janet Majors:
If only you knew how to win some prizes
If only you knew how to play
If you could sleep nights
Stop your crying
Then you might find out I still love you in my own way
If that's not enough then I am so sorry I met you
It was almost like leading you on
But there's more to it all
Than just wringing your heart out over something
That keeps on going wrong
So don't tell me you love me
How am I supposed to know what that means
No don't sell emotion
You can't find devotion
If you're falling apart at the seams
I hope that you smile
When you reach your conclusion
I hope that you'll know just what to say
But if it should mean that the party's over
You should know that I still love you
You should know that I still love you
You should know that I still love you
In my own way
In my own way
In my own way
In my own way

Diferencias con "The Brad and Janet Show"

  • Originalmente, Janet canta la canción dentro de su auto, de camino a casa de sus padres. Aquí, la canta en la habitación Brad y en los pasillos de la estación, pues la nueva casa de sus padres está ahí mismo.



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